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Start Time on Monday:

Monday’s start time will be 9:30am. This will allow people who don't know where the squash courts are ample time to arrive and not feel rushed in the morning.

Drop off for kids who are not coming on Sunday and arriving on Monday morning should arrive to the address 235 S. 33rd St, Philadelphia Pa 19104. If they are attending as residential campers those arriving on Monday should bring their suitcases and bags to the courts on Monday morning.

The courts are located between historic Franklin Field and between the Palestra, two iconic sports venues. We will have a counselor down on the locust walk entrance to the sports complex's there for guidance. Campers should come directly to the courts so that we can start on time.

Day Campers:

Day campers will be provided lunch after the first session and will have the ability to buy drinks and other snacks at the shop across from the Ringe Squash courts.

Please bring a towel each day, a spare set of clothes, and a water bottle as it will be a warm week and we want to make sure that nobody over heats and is properly hydrated.

Camp will start everyday at 9:00am with the exception of Monday morning, which will begin at 9:30am. Camp will finish each day at 4:45pm. You can pick campers up directly from the Ringe Squash courts or they can be accompanied down to the street where they would have been dropped off. Camp will end at 12pm on the Friday of each week.

Residential Campers:

Campers, who plan to attend as overnight campers, must be dropped off on the Sunday afternoon before camp begins. Drop off time will be 5:30pm at the Harnwell House located on 3820 Locust Walk, Philadelphia, PA 19104. A link for the Harnwell House is included below.


There are two options when dropping off in terms of parking. One is to park on Walnut street around 39th and walk over. The other is to park on 39th and Spruce and walk into campus. A coach and or counselor will be there to greet you.

For Campers who are coming on Monday morning, come directly to the courts which is located at the 235 S. 33rd Street address. You will drop your bags there and will be escorted later in the day to your room.

Check out is Friday at Noon at the Ringe Squash courts. If you need to leave earlier please let us know during the week and we can make sure that you are where you need to be at the appropriate time. Campers who stay overnight will bring their bags down to the courts and will be picked up there.

In order to stay in the dorms, campers much be 14 years or older.

What to Bring:

Release forms if they haven't been sent (For Residential and Day Campers)

  • - Squash Shoes and Running Shoes
  • - Racket and goggles
  • - 2 Changes of squash clothes per day (the courts are hot so its important to have plenty of dry shirts)

Towels, linens, and pillows (For residential campers only)

  • - Water Bottle!!!! This is important. Please bring this
  • - Rain jacket
  • - Evening hang out clothes
  • - Pocket money for anything extra that campers want


Meals will be at the Penn dining halls. Let us know of any allergies or food restrictions. The campers will be escorted to and from the courts everyday by a camp counselor or coach.


If you have any more questions please feel free to email me or call. My cell is 215-740-4645.